We are clowns, mimes, facepainters, story tellers, puppeteers, magicians, dancers, poets, jugglers, balloon sculptor, lovers of the earth. EARTH WIZ is a troop of musical entertainers, educators, workshop leaders & artists who make caring for the world a good time. You name it, we’ve got it all. We design our shows to meet your special needs.

The Earth Wizards play original music in a variety of styles (folk, world, calypso rock, soul, reggae, hip hop). They sing in English and French and there performances are aimed at bringing fun and joy to children of all ages. Their show consists of songs from the C.D. ” Magic is in the Air” Played live by Fanny Starchild on Guitar, flute and keyboard and Vegari on Bass guitar and his music machine. It involves audience participation, with movements, hand-clapping and sing along and fun fun fun for all ages.

Singer/songwriter FANNY STARCHILD combines her musical skills and her theatrical talents to dazzle and entertain audiences. Whether strumming her six-string, tickling the piano keys or playing fanciful flute melodies, Fanny fills her audiences with love and laughter.

Fanny Starchild plays guitar, piano, flute and percussion. She grew up in Quebec in a very musical environment. With early training in Classical music she discovered her passion for singing at a very young age. She later moved to Vancouver Island where she composed many of the songs of her current repertoire, and always kept with her strong French Canadian Heritage. She soon found herself in California where she studied the art of clowning with Wavy Gravy and singing with Seth Riggs, (Teacher of the Stars) .

Now residing in Vancouver, she continues to fine-tune her art, performing at a variety of events, including festivals, parties and workshops for young children. She has just released her first C.D. called “Magic is in the Air”.

Singer/songwriter VEGARI CENDAR, originally from the Caribbean, is a gifted composer and arranger. Drawing from his background in Calypso, Raggae, Latin and Pop/Rock music, he adds his magic touch on bass guitar and percussion… Vegari has showcased his warmth and joyful energy throughout the West Coast.

Vegari Cendar plays bass, guitar, percussion. He spent his formative years on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia where Calypso and Latin-American music were a big influence. After relocating to Toronto in the 70’s he moved to Vancouver where he continued his own musical self-education, soon becoming one of Vancouver’s most sought after bass players.

His continuing development has taken him through various styles ranging from R&B to pop, funk, African and Reggae. He has performed in concert halls, alternative rock clubs and festival all over Canada and the United States.