Earth Wizards

We are clowns, children’s entertainers , mimes, face painters, story tellers, puppeteers, magicians, dancers, poets, jugglers, balloon sculptor, recording artists , singers, song writer,  lovers of the earth. EARTH WIZ is a troop of musical entertainers, educators, workshop leaders & artists who make caring for the world a good time. You name it, we’ve got it all for fun under the Sun. We design our shows to meet your special needs, always with Extras….

The Earth Wizards  play original music in a variety of styles (folk, world, calypso rock, soul, reggae, hip hop).

They sing in English and French and there performances are aimed at bringing fun and joy to children of all ages. Their show consists of songs from the C.D. ” Magic is in the Air” Played live by Fanny Starchild the multi instrumentalist and Vegari on Bass guitar and his music machine. It involves audience participation, with movements, hand-clapping, drumming, sing along and fun fun fun for all ages.

They come as a duo or with a full band for a full children’s show  or/  for Festivals, special events shows with the Mystiques playing World groove music to make Everybody Dance …bringing Special cover tunes and Original songs from their new Cd called ” LIberté ”