Fun Furz Designs Tribal Wear

We  are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For
Are you Ready? Now is the time to show up for who you really are!

All  Made with Recycled Fabrics, Faux Furs Original, One of a Kind,  Angel Wings, Shoulder Attires, Hats. Glove, Scarves
Each one is uniquely made for Earth Angels, Healers , Shamans, H”Artists, Musicians,  Stars, Avatars, Mystics, Performers ,  Kids of all Ages…
Fun, Classy, Magical Mystical Looking, Comfortable Clothing..
Keeps You super  warm and Fuzzy for Night time  Party’s, Burning man like Events ,
Festivals or Special Performances on  Stage, Classy original Looks .
Unique Designs… Made with LOVe By the Mystic Starchild.  Limited Edition…
Angels Blessing. Get your Wings and Fly.  You are the one you’ve been waiting For.
Prices are Unique to each one, Fun Dealing. With Honore…

Contact Fanney  For a  Magic Quote…. 778 241-2813