Fun Furz Designs Tribal Wear

We Are the Ones We Have Been Waiting For

Are you Ready? Now is the time to show up for who you really are!
  • Made with Recycled Fabrics
  • Faux Furs Original, One of a Kind
  • Angel Wings, Shoulder Attires, Hats. Glove, Scarves
  • Each one is uniquely made for Earth Angels, Healers , Shamans, H”Artists, Musicians, Stars, Avatars, Mystics, Performers ,  Kids of all Ages…
  • Fun, Classy, Magical Mystical Looking, Comfortable Clothing..
  • Keeps You super warm and Fuzzy for Night time  Party’s, Burning man like Events ,
  • Festivals or Special Performances on  Stage, Classy original Looks .
  • Unique Designs… Made with LOVe By the Mystic Starchild.  Limited Edition…
  • Angels Blessing. Get your Wings and Fly.  You are the one you’ve been waiting For.
  • Prices are Unique to each one, Fun Dealing. With Honore…
Contact Fanney For a Magic Quote…. 778 241-2813