Enchanting Harp Music for Weddings

Let it be Magical for Your Momentous Occasion!

Prelude: 15 to 30 minutes of music performed while your guests arrive, setting the mood for what is to come. Contemporary love songs may be played to create a relaxing atmosphere of expectancy.

During the Ceremony: The harp can provide a beautiful aural background during the lighting of the “ Unity Candle”; or a melodic interlude after a reading or prayer, perhaps with a Romantic piece that has special meaning to you.

This is the moment everyone has been waiting for . . . You walk down the aisle to meet your future husband and everyone stands up to Honor the Bride, with the accompaniment of bright, angelic sounds, superbly performed and improvised on the harp.

Fanny can play as a soloist or accompanied by Bass in a duet or small ensemble. She is a multi instrumentalist and has recently taken the harp to Heart. She is accompanied by her beloved partner, bassist / percussionist and composer Vegari Cendar. Together they provide Jazzy Improvised original music to soothe and delight.

“We were so blessed to have the truly divine Fanny Starchild play harp for our wedding ceremony. Her beautiful music created an atmosphere of peace, magic and love that surrounded us. Thank you so much Fanny! We are so grateful for your incredible talents, and also for the beautiful person that you are. You are such a blessing!” — Robert Moloney