The Mystiques Music with Global Peace Tribe & the Awakening World

“Fanny and Vegari, aka; The Mystiques, are some of the most popular musical artists on our shows. We have done over 500 programs since the start of April 2020 , featuring such Lumninaries as Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson, Matt kahn, Deva Premal & Miten, Krishna Das and hundreds of others. Yet, when we do our quarterly survey, our audience is asking for Fanny & Vegari! They are truly Beloveds that are musically gifted and spiritually advanced… 
SCOTT CATAMAS, co-founder of the Global Peace Tribe Producer and Host of The Awakening World

The Mystiques

This Harp & Bass duo has created an original blend of voice and instrumentation to lead you off the beaten track into expressions of Peace, Harmony, Timelessness, and Joy with their personal brand of relaxing rhythms and soothing melodies. Their music is energetic and danceable, sometimes hypnotic and engagingly seductive, yet at times meditative and introspective.

Fanny and Vegari are like the two sides of a coin: On one side, an original, colorful, totally improvised explosion of creative expression to engage and entertain all ages; on the other, a background of Afro-Caribbean, Latin, and R&B styles played at festivals throughout Canada, the US, and beyond.

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