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Fanny Starchild - Enchanted Harp for Weddings, Sacred Ceremonies and Special Events

Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar “The Mystiques”

This Music is Alive with a Spirit unto itself, reaching into your Depths and guiding you Home to your Soul.

Independent artists Fanny Starchild and Vegari Cendar, together known as The Mystiques, are here to share their musical adventures, taking you on a voyage of discovery and peace with their upbeat original melodies.

Punctuated with inspired French and English lyrics and soulful harmonies, The Mystiques perform a magical combination of Caribbean, Latin and Afro-Pop sounds, moving heart and soul with the eclectic rhythms of the Earth.

Built upon the evocative sounds of the Mystic Harp supported by fretless bass, this music is Alive; an Entity unto itself; reaching into the deeper aspects of Being. The Mystiques take you on a timeless journey through Truth, Love, Light, Majesty, and Healing—guiding you Home into the domain of Spirit.

Live Art Shows with Vancouver, B.C. artist Micheal Malcom. Music by The Mystiques featuring Fanny Starchild (Harp) and Vegari Cendar (Bass). Featured guestRoss Barrett on Sax.

Garden H’Om Party Sept 2018 .. Beautiful Butterfly is a Original Song Created in the Moment with Fanny and Vegari.. the Mystic LOVers.

Mama Gaia .. Inspired by Mirayah Delamar of Sacred Earth Belly Dance of Maui, Hawaii

La boheme a la Starchild….in the garden of Heaven….

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