Musical Soul Essence

Starchild’s musical keys are spontaneous improvised compositions. They are very mystical and harmonically rich. She uses the latest digital, electronic musical equipment creating a space of openness, Enlighten sound tones. Beautifully layered, each key with elegance and simplicity.

AVAILABLE AS MP3 DOWNLOAD (mp3 file sent via email) Sessions are 30 minutes, spontaneously recorded, and are done long distance, you do NOT need to be physically present. For long-distance soul essence recordings.

Starchild requires only the individual’s name, BirthDay only, and email (to deliver mp3s) Please email Starchild with your name and birth date of the person the music is for.

Once the Musical Essence is recorded, an mp3 file will be sent through email(Allow three weeks for mp3 delivery)

JOURNEY WITHIN Sublime Inner Journey Musical Meditations that open inner doorways, gently expanding One’s awareness of our unlimited InnerPotential” Awakening and Uplifting”YOURS Starchild for the Awakening World