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CD-CoverFrom the enchanted beaches of White Rock B.C. feel the magic Fanny Starchild brings to the world.
Take a ride on a melodic rainbow of exotic rhythms and vibrant harmonies in this collection of uplifting, joyfull songs for children of all ages!

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Fanny Starchild
Guitar, piano, flute, percussion & vocals
Fanny was born into a large and highly musical Quebecois family. Trained in the Classical musical traditions, her passion for singing and performing continues to be a joyous life¹s journey. A prolific composer and multi-instrumentalist with a voice and range that has been compared to Celine Dion and Enya. She has also studied clowning internationally. Fanny combines her musical skills with her theatrical talents to dazzle, entertain and move audiences.

Vegari Cendar
Bass guitar, percussion & vocals
Vegari spent his formative years on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, influenced for life by the all-pervasive Latin-American and Calypso rhythms. Having made Canada his home in the 70’s, he is now one of Vancouver’s most sought after musicians. Vegari is a gifted composer and arranger, is well versed in R&B, Pop, Funk, African, Reggae and Calypso.